Sjaak Hier

Hey Umbracians (and other curious people ending up here)

I am Sjaak van der Heide,

I’m from the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. My work (Tres) is located in Heerenveen (which for some locals is a real issue).

This will be my 3rd Codegarden I visit in person! I was also there in 2018 and 2019. Already after the first time I was sure I’d try be there for the coming ones as well. Of course COVID made that quite hard.

I’ve been developing with Umbraco since a little bit before U7. I was already in the loop a bit before V7, and was advised to jump on board form version 7 and up.

At that moment I worked at en earlier employer, and rolled into Umbraco. Now I’m employed as a specific Umbraco dev and was hired because of my Umbraco skills.

If you see me at CG, hit me up and we can have a coffe/beer and a talk about whatever floats your boat!

#H5YR and see you in Odense

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