Chriztian Steinmeier

Hey there, Umbraco folks!

My name is Chriztian - in the Umbraco Community you might know me as the steward of the Christmas Calendar or as a writer in Skrift Magazine.

If you’re old enough to have used Umbraco versions 6 and below, you might have had to ask a question or two on the XSLT forum and we might just possibly maybe have had a conversation or two, trying to find the answers… one of my favorite things to do is to show someone how XSLT actually works (which is only surpassed by teaching someone to play their favorite song on the guitar).

The “XSLT++” on my shirt refers to a presentation I did at a Danish Umbraco festival in 2010 - as for the ZX Spectrum - well, that one really started all this for me, so had to take that with me to the stage.

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